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Non-Profit Organization

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Interested in Becoming a Chebucto Member?

CCN offers a variety of accounts and services to provide affordable Internet access. An account also confers membership in CCN and gives you a vote in how the organization is run. No one will be turned away for an inability to pay.

Chebucto Wireless

Any Chebucto members residing in Joseph Howe, HP Mackeen, Ahern, Gordon B. Isnor, Vista Heights, or Sunrise Manor, are eligible to sign-up for Chebucto Wireless services.

Chebucto Wireless provides users an 802.11n wireless connection that operates at both 2.4 and 5 GHz, with symmetrical 15 Mbps download and upload speed.

It uses WPA2 Enterprise AES encryption with EAP/PEAP MSChapV2 username and password authentication.

Interested in Chebucto's wireless services? Give us a call to sign up!

Chebucto Plus

Chebucto Plus is Chebucto's original Dial-Up internet. It provides access to 56K speeds, and is available to residents of Halifax.

Chebucto Mailing Services

When becoming a Chebucto member, you will have access to Chebucto's emailing service. This provides you with access to one @chebucto.ns.ca email for your personal use.

Chebucto Webhosting Services

Your site can have its own custom address. We will hot the address, and provide two mail aliases which go with your account.
There is a one-time setup fee of $25, an annual hosting fee of $100. Full details can be found here

Additional mail aliases linked to your website cost an additional $10 a year each. You can have as many additional emails as you want.

We also offer Virtual Domain Name (VDN) Aliases to existing Chebucto Web hosting users. A VDN alias allows you to have multiple domain names pointing to the same webspace. To get a VDN alias, you must first register the new domain name (see how here), and you must already have a full price Webpage hosted by Chebucto.

An additional $20 a year fee for certain sub-domain, such as chebucto.biz, and chebucto.info.

For information regarding database hosting services regarding your website, please contact our office. Plans start at $50 a year.

We can host websites using PHP at no extra cost upon request.